DENVER (KDVR) — Monkeypox may be on the rise, but Colorado’s COVID numbers are heading in the right direction.

Nationally, COVID cases have been rolling down from a mid-July high of 130,000 per day. As of Aug. 17, that had dropped to an average 96,000 per day. Deaths have not yet caught the downward swing, remaining at nearly 400 per day throughout August.

In Colorado, cases and hospitalizations have been steadily declining for several weeks. Preliminary numbers say deaths have been dropping as well, though death totals typically take health officials time to tally.

Throughout June and early July, the daily new cases average waffled between peaks and valleys but stayed above 2,000 daily. At the state’s peak COVID transmissibility on June 11, there were an average 2,400 per day.

The trend broke in mid-July. From a height of 1,993 cases per day on July 12, cases have more than halved as of Aug. 18 when there are an average of 937 new cases per day. Average daily cases have not risen on a single day in the past five weeks.

Hospitalizations are following the same pattern.

Like cases, hospitalizations had largely been frozen through June. Also like cases, the trend stopped in July. On July 12, there were an average 102 daily hospital admissions. There were 65 per day as of Aug. 15.

Deaths among COVID cases have also fallen, though death data does tend to lag behind cases and hospitalizations. There were an average 8.43 daily deaths among COVID cases on July 28. Since then, the average number of daily deaths has dropped to 1.57.