More Coloradans are getting COVID boosters than new vaccinations

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DENVER (KDVR) — Colorado’s current upward swing in COVID numbers is creating more vaccine demand, but it’s less among the unvaccinated than with those seeking boosters.

In the last week, more than 144,00 Coloradans have gotten boosters, more than twice the number of new vaccines.

Since the beginning of November, vaccine rates have been at their highest point since spring.

Vaccine rates had fallen from their peak in April and stayed fairly flat through late spring and summer.

On Oct. 20, rates abruptly shot up. The number of daily vaccines administered went from 12,400 on Oct. 20 to almost 27,000 on Oct. 29.

Since then, the daily number of vaccinations has stayed more or less level.

Most of that, however, was due to vaccine boosters rather than first-time vaccine recipients.

The daily number of first-time vaccines has risen substantially in the last 10 days. Since Oct. 7, the daily number has tripled from 3,200 per day to 9,900 per day.

Still, Coloradans have been far more active in getting boosters.

The average daily number of boosters was three times that of first-time vaccines through October. Through the first two weeks of November, it was five times higher.

Since October, there have been three times more people given boosters than given their first vaccines.

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