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DENVER (KDVR) — As Memorial Day signals the beginning of another Colorado summer, its cities, yet again, present some of the best in the country for summer cycling.

CoworkingCafe, a shared space information site under the umbrella Yardi Systems, released an analysis of the top 20 cities for cyclists. Total scores were ranked by the rate of bike accidents, the number of bicycle commuters, lanes per square miles, weather, sharing options, and the number of spaces with bike amenities.

Denver has recently made a priority of cycling accommodations, including completing 137 miles of new bike lanes in the last five years. The city now has more than 433 total miles of bikeways, including on-street and off-street facilities (such as trails). More than 300 miles of bikeways are on-street.

Boulder has the fourth-best score in the nation, between San Francisco and Oakland. Davis, California has the nation’s highest score.

Denver itself ranks in the top 20 – 10th overall. Fort Collins ranks 13th.

Boulder’s famously eco-conscious and famously outdoorsy inhabitants give it the second-highest concentration of cyclists. About 9% of Boulder commuters ride a bicycle, second only to Davis, California with 13.8%. Denver has only a fraction of the bicycle commuting share, 2% of commuters.