DENVER (KDVR) — There may be a good reason why Coloradans are having fewer and fewer kids. Raising one in any major metro area in state the will cost at least $20,000 a year and nearly $30,000 in some cases.

Colorado cities rank among the most expensive in the nation in which to raise a child, according to a cost analysis by financial adviser SmartAsset. The analysis includes childcare, food, transportation, housing costs and medical care, among other items. Costs were taken from the MIT Living Wage Calculator.

Among the nearly 400 metro areas analyzed, five Colorado cities are in the top 50 most expensive cities. Boulder ranks 11th in the nation, with an annual cost of raising a child at $29,486.

CityAnnual cost of raising a childRank among U.S. metros
Fort Collins$25,18532
Colorado Springs$24,45640
Grand Junction$23,21267

Famously expensive areas have commensurately expensive child-rearing costs.

San Francisco has the nation’s most expensive child-raising costs – $35,647 a year in total. Two other California metro areas round out the top three, and half of the top 10 most expensive metros for childrearing are in California.