DENVER (KDVR) — The Great Resignation gave workers great pay bumps, but even Coloradans who stayed in their jobs have managed sizable wage gains in the last three years.

Labor economics analysts at ADP Research Insights released their March 2023 report on worker pay, using data from 10 million workers who have stayed in their current job or left for new ones. Nationally, those workers who stayed in their jobs made 6.9% more this March than a year ago.

In Colorado, the pay for those employees who remained at their jobs rose even more.

Colorado’s year-over-year change in annual pay for job stayers was 8.1% in March. Those who have been in the same role for the last 12 months now have an annual median income of $62,100. This means Coloradans who stayed in their jobs outperformed the rest of the U.S., where workers who stayed made an average of 6.9% more this year.

Wages for Coloradans who stayed in their jobs through the COVID pandemic’s turbulence have seen their pay climb 14% from December 2020. In December 2020, those workers made $54,500.

Historically, workers in the U.S. make even greater gains when they leave their jobs. Nationally, workers who kept their jobs made 6.9% more this March than last year, while workers who left their jobs and got new ones made 14.1% more this year. At any given point in the last three years, job changers see twice the rate of pay increase as job stayers.