DENVER (KDVR) — Are you considered “low income” in Denver? Unless you make nearly $32 an hour or more, the answer is yes.

That’s according to the latest income figures from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Each year, HUD calculates an area’s median income to identify which lower-earning residents could qualify for subsidized housing.

Anyone who earns less than 80% of the AMI is considered “low income” by HUD, with limits varied by household size. In Denver, the current area median income is $86,870 for a one-person household.

A one-person household must earn less than $66,300 a year, or about $31.88 an hour, to be in the current low-income range for Denver. That’s about $1 more an hour compared to last year, when Denverites who made less than $62,600 were included in the low-income range.

What’s considered low income in Denver?

HUD designates someone making 80% of the area median income as “low income.” Anyone who makes 50% of that amount is considered “very low” income, while 30% is considered “extremely low” income.

The chart below shows HUD’s income ranges effective June 15, 2023.

Income, Denver
1-Person Household2-Person Household3-Person Household4-Person Household5-Person Household6-Person Household
80% (Low Income)$66,300$75,750$85,200$94,650$102,250$109,800
50% (Very Low)$43,450$49,650$55,850$62,050$67,050$72,000
30% (Extremely Low)$26,100$29,800$33,550$37,250$40,250$43,250
2023 Home Income Limits, effective June 15, 2023 (Source: Denver Department of Housing Stability)

HUD’s income limits vary by household size.

Single workers who make 50% of the area median income — or $43,450 — are considered “very low” income. “Extremely low” income is at 30% of the area median income, or $26,100 in Denver.