DENVER (KDVR) — There are only a handful of homes in the Denver metro that cost less than the self-proclaimed “total disaster.”

At $429,000 the two-bed, one-bath home costs about as much as the average condo or townhome in the Denver metro area, according to the most recent housing market analysis from the Denver Metro Association of Realtors.

This is among the best deals on the Denver metro market for a standalone single-family home.

There are only 39 single-family detached homes for less than $429,000 inside the E/C-470 loop that encircles most of metro Denver, according to a survey of sale properties on Zillow.

Only 11 are in Denver proper. The rest are scattered through Aurora and the cities north of Denver.

The superheated prices of the Denver market mean small homes will command even more dollar value per square foot than larger ones.

For the Denver metro homes valued up to $429,000, the price per square foot can vary from $160 to nearly $600. Smaller homes carry much higher per square footage prices. The smallest home on the market, with a meager size of 542 sq. feet, is listed for $320,000 – or $590 per square foot.