Dancing twin brother, generous Problem Solvers viewers help give boy new chance at life


D’Marus Brice

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DENVER — A 12-year-old boy is getting a second chance at life thanks to his twin brother and generous Problem Solvers viewers.

In November, we shared the story of Domini’Q and D’Marus Brice. The boys are twin brothers.

But a week after D’Marus was born, he had a stroke, leaving him with severe physical and mental disabilities. He developed severe epilepsy that doctors said would eventually kill him. He hit a low point in the fall.

“I noticed a huge decline. He was not as active anymore. He wasn’t vocalizing. He wasn’t able to help me play instruments,” said his music therapist Hailey Colebank.

As a last-ditch effort, Domini’Q decided to dance on the 16th Street Mall in Denver to raise money for his brother to try a $500 per-month hash oil. Thanks to viewers and local CBD oil company CW Botanicals, D’Marus received a year supply of the medicine.

“I was skeptical at first when I heard about this, but this works. My son is getting better,” said the boys’ mother Tesa Brice.

D’Marus has been taking CW Botanical’s “Charlotte’s Web” CBD oil for seven weeks. His family and therapists say they noticed a positive change in his attitude and health after just three weeks.

“He is now vocalizing. He’s smiling a lot more. He’s able to engage with me,” Colebank said.

Even something as simple as touching an iPad during a session with Colebank means D’Marus is learning again. While music is therapy for him, it may also have helped save his life.

“It’s a miracle. That is what I can call it. It’s a miracle,” his mother said.

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