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DENVER — Doctors say when they admitted 1-year-old Jericho Curry to the hospital, he was so severely malnourished he weighed only ten pounds, the weight of six-week old child.

“It hurts a lot to know that he had only two weeks to live,” said Aaron Curry, the boy’s father.

Wednesday night he watched Jericho’s grandparents call what happened a witch hunt.

He says  they’re lying and he has proof of it. “It makes me feel angry that they’re trying to get sympathy when they know what happened.”

Curry showed us paperwork from the Department of Human Services which lays out the case alleging Jericho`s mother Alicia Zamora didn`t want the child.

The paperwork says when Zamora got home with her premature child, she “discontinued medication against medical advice, missed several pediatric appointments, and discontinued Jericho`s oxygen against doctors advice.”

Caseworkers noted that Curry was disconnected from the child and did not hold the child because he was a “cry baby.”

The department also ruled out medical issues as the cause of any weight problems.

Wednesday night before we learned of these new allegations, we asked Zamora to defend herself.

“It makes me feel like a monster,” Zamora said, crying. “I have two other healthy children and I would never harm one.”

Zamora is now charged with attempted murder, something Curry believes may have saved his son’s life.

Jericho lives with Curry’s sister since he works during the day and the child requires full-time medical attention.  In four weeks since Jericho was brought home, he’s gained 13 pounds.

“I feel the charges are appropriate,” Curry said.

When made aware of the new allegations, Zamora told reporter Justin Joseph she had suffered from post partum depression. Joseph reminded her that the night before, in their recorded 20-minute interview, she never mentioned that.