Cyber security expert reveals what programs best protect online activities


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A cyber security/privacy security expert has some recommendations for steps you can take to greatly enhance secure Internet activities.

Here are some ideas from Charles Tendell:

For online security, Tendell recommends using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) service to encrypt your Internet traffic.

For mobile, Samsung Galaxy devices since the S3 have had the ability to encrypt the device and any data on it and is a very good and streamlined way to accomplish on device encryption.

For non-Samsung devices tendell recommends  Avast Security Suite or Lookout Security. Both are available in the apps market or store depending on your device.

For encryption in motion for SMS/MMS the recommendation is Text Secure:

or Gryphn Security:

As with anything for privacy and security it is a process not a feature and users will have to adjust to an additional step or two to use their devices which some people may just not wish to use.

In order to get the full benefit of any security addition or program you must begin to think securely. You can not use encryption and then tweet about it.

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