Cupcake’s owner grateful for all the rescuers who saved her horse

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AURORA, Colo. — A day after a dramatic, hours long, rescue that captivated many in Colorado, Cupcake the horse is recovering at a local vet.

“She’s a fighter for sure,” said Rianne Jaurez, Cupcake’s owner.

Cupcake isn’t a fighter’s name, and Juarez admits she enjoys seeing her family’s horse looking pretty.

“After her bath she’s nice and white and shiny,” Juarez said. “Normally she rolls in the dirt and she gets a little dusty, so she’s looking great. I’m really proud of her.”

But that pride has more to do with her fight than her white coat. When Jaurez, Cupcake and several others set out for a ride at Cherry Creek State Park on Thursday, they didn’t think they’d be facing any adversity.

“We’ve ridden that trail many times,” Juarez said.

But shortly after veering after the riding trail to avoid a crowd, Juarez said they enountered wet, marshy grass, grass that tripped up Cupcake as they tried to turn around.

“It’s overwhelming,” Juarez said. “Just the whole scare of seeing her going down and the moment that I could tell that she was getting ready to give up because she was too tired.”

Though she tried to remain calm and hold Cupcakes head above water, Rianne says it wasn’t long before she was ready to give up too.

“I didn’t think anybody was ever going to come,” Juarez said. “I mean, for about two hours I was screaming and yelling for help.”

Her cries were answered over the course of the next five-plus hours. Park rangers and South Metro Fire helped initiate a rescue, while the vet gave her the fluids and vitamins she needed to regain her strength.

“They really did save her,” Juarez said. “I was certain that I was just going to have to lay there and watch her drown. It was terrifying.”

Soon her terror turned to joy, as the large team escorted Cupcake back to safety.

“It was an emotional roller coaster from fear, anxiety and panic attack to praise the Lord and thank you for everybody that is here and everything that you’ve done,” Juarez said. “My baby is safe and she’s great. I mean, she had one cut, and so … it’s exhausting.”

Exhausting, but not too much for a pair of fighters.

Cupcake spent Friday receiving IV fluid and anti-inflammatory medication for sore muscles. She suffered one cut on her leg but is expected to recover fully and return home this weekend.

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