CU provides separate housing for students with legal permits to carry guns

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BOULDER, Colo. — Gun control is a hot topic these days especially after two mass shootings in the last month. 

Now it’s becoming a debate on college campuses after the Colorado Supreme Court ruled that students can carry concealed weapons at school.

“I personally don’t think that students should be allowed to have guns on campus. I feel as though students should feel as if they are safe on campus and that you shouldn’t have to worry about someone having a gun,” said Daniel Ysabal, a CU student.

Other students disagree and think guns should be allowed.

“I think it is actually a good idea because if there’s a type of scenario that happens with the shooting in Aurora recently, there could have been someone who had a gun in the theater and it could have easily been stopped and so many lives could have been saved,” said Brittney Webber, a CU student.

It’s a sensitive topic, but University of Colorado Boulder officials felt like they needed to create a new policy requiring students who legally want to carry a gun to only live in certain areas on campus.

“If they want to live in on-campus housing we have an option for them,” said Deb Coffin, Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs at CU Boulder.

Those options include the Athens North Apartments or 12 cottages all owned by the university. Gun holders will also have to store their gun in a locked safe.

School officials believe this new policy will prevent potentially dangerous living situations on-campus because many students who live in the dorms are under the age of 21 and can’t legally carry a gun.

“With the potential of having a roommate that may appropriately have a concealed carry permit and then the gun being mishandled by another student or friend or something like that,” said Coffin.

But, this new CU policy doesn’t necessarily keep guns out of the dorms. Campus officials said they are not going to require students to tell them if they have a permit and a handgun.

“We feel that it would not be appropriate for us to be requiring that they report that,” Coffin said.

The reason behind this is because asking students could violate the state’s Supreme Court ruling. It’s something many universities are struggling with, which is why one CU Denver professor is petitioning the ruling.

“All studies show, where more guns exists, more gun violence exists,” said Chad Kautzer, a philosophy professor at CU Denver.

CU school officials say so far no one has asked the school if they could live on campus with a gun.

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