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BOULDER, Colo. — Drinking and drugs play a central role in a new viral video that’s stirring up controversy on the University of Colorado Boulder campus.

In just a few days, the video of CU Boulder students partying hard, drinking even harder and smoking plenty of pot has been getting it’s fair share of attention.

It was created by a tech start-up called Blend, which is trying to generate interest in its new photo sharing app that promises to give college students free stuff in exchange for posting photos and connecting with marketers.

But not all students say they’re impressed, and CU Boulder officials feel the same way.

The new “Be Boulder” ad campaign that just launched was designed to emphasize the many academic accomplishments on campus, and move away from a party school image created by a recent No. 3 ranking by Playboy.

“The University finds the video disappointing because it does not portray the behavior of a majority of our students,” university spokesman Mark Miller said.