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FORT COLLINS, Colo. — A pilot study at Colorado State University shows CBD products are beneficial to dogs that suffer seizures. The study comes as the hemp industry expands in Colorado.

“There was a significant reduction in seizure activity,” said CSU researcher Dr. Stephanie McGrath

McGrath just finished the small study. Nine epileptic dogs were given CBD and seven were given placebos.

“The higher the CBD in the dog’s bloodstream, the greater seizure reduction we achieved,” McGrath said.

About 90 percent of the dogs receiving CBD had a reduction in seizure activity, according to McGrath. That reduction, however, didn’t meet a 50-percent effectiveness level, meaning more research is needed. McGrath says, overall, results show CBD is beneficial. Denver-area vets agree.

“I give it to my dog twice a day, every day, for arthritis,” said Dr. Allison Jenkins of Highlands Animal Clinic. “[For] some of my anxiety and seizure patients … it makes a huge difference.”

At Panacea Life Sciences in Golden — a CBD production facility — company research also points to CBD benefits with anxiety and arthritis. But researchers say more time is needed to fully explore this part of the cannabis plant.

“I would consider that the jury is still out about whether this drug is truly the miracle drug we’ve all been looking for,” McGrath said. “But I do feel like the results of the pilot study at least give us some hope.”

Applied Basic Science, a corporation that produces CBD products, paid for the study. McGrath owns 5 percent of that company. As a state institution, CSU says the university and its researchers follow guidelines to prevent any conflict of interest.

CSU says more research is currently being conducted on treating dogs with CBD.

CBD isn’t yet fully regulated by government agencies. Experts say it’s important to do homework and find a brand that’s reputable.

THC, another component of cannabis, is not good for pets.