CSU coed mangles ankle on hike, makes viral video while awaiting rescue

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FORT COLLINS, Colo. -- What should have been an easy hike up a Wyoming mountain Saturday turned into a difficult rescue for a Colorado State University senior.

Lexi De Forest, 21, fell on Vedauwoo Mountain near Laramie and badly mangled her ankle. And as she sat alone waiting for help, she took out her camera and taped her ordeal.

She posted the video to YouTube Wednesday after getting out of Medical Center of the Rockies in Loveland and it's already had nearly 30,000 page views.

The marketing major really sells herself as tough, composed and witty during a trying time.

A tale of survival on TV makes De Forest and her friends cringe.

They howl as a scene from 127 Hours shows an actor cut his arm off to free himself from a massive boulder.

But in De Forest's own dramatic video of survival--there's not a hint of squeamishness.

"This is me moving my foot, and it's really gross. I'd show you more but if I looked at it, I might vomit on myself," she jokes on her self-made video.

Her ankle dangling, the bones separated—tendons, muscle and ligaments torn after slipping down an 8-foot trench.

She was preparing to jump over it for a photo op. She had already taken a picture of her friend, Erik Henry, jump it.

Metal rods and screws now hold everything in place.

"This is kinda, really scary. Oh man. Oh man. Oh man," she says on the video.

She never cries--but jokes almost the entire time of the 6:40 minute video. Watch the full YouTube video below.

"How close is the nearest anything? Yeah, Wyoming you suck!" she yells.

She waits an hour-and-a-half for Henry to return with help.

“I'm going to just flashy flash again. Let everyone know I am here and in pain," she sings, as she flashes her light down the mountain.

"I really surprised myself. I didn't think I ever had the capacity to affect my emotions like that, to be so calm," she says from her home in Ft. Collins Friday night.

"Amazing. I couldn't have done what she did," says Henry.

Five hours later, search and rescue crews rappel her down the mountain.

But bubbling up are romantic feelings.

"I already liked her. Absolutely, but that solidified it," says Henry about how the ordeal strengthened their ties.

"Owww,” squeals De Forest, as she limps over to the couch on crutches.

Her ankle will be the mend for a while, but her heart feels better than ever.

"I like this guy. This is going to be something good," she says.

Lexi returns to school Monday. But she might miss that day, the today show wants her to come to New York and appear on their national program.

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