Criminals rip out window air conditioning unit to break into home

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BRIGHTON, Colo. — A family’s home was burglarized in broad daylight and the thieves are still on the loose. But the criminals found a unique way to get inside the home.

“They actually had to have stepped on top of the A.C. unit for it to be yanked out this way,” Kennetha Hogeda said.

Like many of us, the Hogeda family had an air conditioning unit bolted into their son’s bedroom window. But the criminals managed to rip it out and crawl right in.

“It’s all just been taken away from us and I can’t get it back,” Hogeda said.

Hogeda knows all too well the feeling of despair. Just a short time ago, she was homeless.

“It’s been a year and a half now. I stayed and lived in the back of my truck for a while. We fell on hard times,” Hogeda said.

But Hogeda recently landed a job at a hospital and was rebuilding her life.

She was able to rent her first home at 4th and Bush Street – then last Tuesday, she unlocked the front door and noticed she’d been robbed.

“I went to set my bag down and my whole entertainment center was empty,” Hogeda said.

Thousands of dollars in electronics were stolen.

“My TVs gone. And I mean my 55 inch TV is just – gone. Xbox, PlayStation, games, DVDs, headphones, sound bar, everything of value – gone.”

Hogeda says the criminals took the time to pull phone chargers from the outlets, and even trying to swipe their little puppy, Smoky.

“They had the harness on him all backwards and one through one leg and I assume they were tried to take my dog as well,” Hogeda said.

While police search for suspects, the Hogeda’s are working to find another place to call home.

“As soon as you refill the house, they’re going to come back and take it all again, so I couldn’t stay here. I don’t feel safe.”

Hogeda did not have homeowners’ insurance. The suspects had the nerve to steal the A.C. unit on the way out. The family did write down the serial numbers for all their electronics, which is something police recommend that all of us do. That way if the items are reported stolen and are pawned, police will be alerted.

Hogeda is asking for donations from the public following the theft.

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