Bar teams across our city have been developing creative, interesting mocktail programs to live on menus in January – and year-round – so that those who are (quietly, or not-so-quietly) looking for ways to manage alcohol intake don’t feel left out of celebrations.

Danny Gonzalez with Edge Bar at the Four Seasons shares some for the restaurants cocktails minus the buzz.

It’s more than just fruit juice and sparkling water anymore when it comes to alcohol-free drinks – now it’s creative ingredients, thoughtful presentations, and complex flavors designed to accompany anything on the food menu, like any other cocktail with spirits.

You can stock your at-home NA bar easily with high quality, flavorful ingredients, complex flavor profiles, and garnishes and glassware to up the elegance while lowering the alcohol.   

At EDGE at the Four Seasons, in response to popular demand, they’ve developed their NA beverage offerings in response to this trend, with a trio of creative, flavorful, and beautiful non-alcoholic drinks: the Dragon’s Tonic, the Fire on the Mountain, and the Winter Collins.