Five Colorado students wins cash prizes from Water ’22 for Best Creative Work that expresses passion about our state’s water. Nearly 169 submissions from K-12 kids throughout the state shared passion for and connection to Colorado water.

Erica Dornberger, an 8th at Aurora Quest was one of the top 3 winner of the Water 22 that showcased her artwork of how water is valuable in her daily life. Her drawing shows where she spends her days and where she saw her first crawdad. The crawdad drawing is what she wants others to experience and the joy that brings and we need to remember not to make the mistate of treating them like toys. Water helps them to survive and we need to do everything possible to help them live.

The Student Showcase was designed to help young people connect with the value of water in daily life and the natural and built world around them, encourage critical thinking, and emphasize the crucial role students play as water leaders, helping to identify solutions for water sustainability.

Water Education Colorado is the leading organization for informing and engaging Coloradans on key water issues to help them make smart decisions for a sustainable water future.