Couple considers legal action to stop bullying of their son at school

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GOLDEN, Colo. — Parents of one boy say they’re fed up with their son’s school because he’s been getting bullied by the same kids for two years.

Jeff and Theresa West say administrators at Pleasant View Elementary School in Golden haven’t done enough to stop it.

They say their son is traumatized and has threatened to harm himself.

The family spoke exclusively with FOX31 Denver. The couple is prepared to take legal action if the school doesn’t crack down on bullying.

“His response was just to break down and start crying basically,” says Jeff West. “He said that he didn’t want to go back to school, that the bullies were making it impossible for him and he wanted to be home-schooled.”

The couple says their son gets harassed by the same bully and his gang of friends every day.

“There was pushing, they threw rocks at him. A lot of cursing, things you can’t say on the air.”

The 6th grader’s parents say they’ve brought up these problems with officials at Pleasant View Elementary School several times. But they say the schools’ actions are lacking.

They’re not alone. One mother who didn’t want to be identified took her son out of Pleasant View two years ago, in part because of bullying.

The principal, Janace Fischer, declined to comment.

Jeff West recorded a meeting in 2011 at the school where he says Fischer admitted her school has a problem with bullying. He provided the recording to FOX31 Denver. “The zero tolerance policy around bullying, I’m going to be very honest, isn’t exactly zero tolerance,” a woman he says is Fischer is heard to say.

The couple says the principal explained that she prefers to have students accused of bullying write out their feelings instead of suspending them.

“I’ve literally been screaming and yelling,” says Theresa West. “To the principal, to the school district, to the teacher because what they are doing is not effective. Whatever they’re doing right now is not working.” 

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