DENVER (KDVR) — A rally is planned for Tuesday on the steps of the State Capitol.

Supporters are calling it the “Colorado Election Truth rally.”

Ahead of this rally, county clerks from around the state gathered to dispute claims of election fraud here in Colorado.

Republicans, Democrats and Independents came together with challenges for people who make claims of election fraud in the state.

The people who manage elections in multiple counties say that despite threats to their safety their work is secure.

“We can no longer stand back while a small group of well-funded conspiracy theorists prepare to gather on our Capitol steps to further share their half-truths and lies,” Plata County Clerk Tiffany Lee said.

That claim is directed at organizers of the rally planned for later this week at the state Capitol.

“These false claims about our election systems hurt us all, but perhaps in this moment they hurt the political party they most intend to serve,” Boulder County Clerk Molly Fitzpatrick,said.

“It is false to claim that dead people voted,” Fitzpatrick said.

“Routine system updates of the election equipment does not delete election records,” Fitzpatrick added.

Clerks said the false narrative is being pushed by the organizers of the upcoming rally.

“This fury of reports is a deliberate strategy by those who seek to undermine our elections to create the impression that something is wrong,” Weld County Clerk Carly Koppes said.

These narratives, they said, have jeopardized their own safety.

“Some of us have had to increase security to protect our staff members and ourselves,” Lee said.

Ultimately the message of Sunday’s gathering of the county clerks was plain and simple.

“The outcome of the 2020 election in Colorado is not, nor has it ever been, in dispute,” Lee said.

Embattled Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters plans to be at Tuesday’s rally.

She’s running for Secretary of State.