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CoPIRG Foundation, a consumer watchdog group teamed up with a local toy store to provide toy safety tips and help parents keep their kids safe this holiday season.

Using information from their 36th annual Trouble in Toyland report, CoPIRG Foundation share common hazards found in toys sold online including choking issues, dangerously loud, and privacy concerns associated with smart toys and game consoles.

Danny Katz with CoPIRG (Colorado Public Interest Research Group) says that most toys are safe, but there are still some toys that are dangerous to little ones.

Katz says to be careful of counterfeit toys and recalled toys when shopping online, most of these items may not meet safety standards. Another tip, keep toys with small parts away from kids under three, Katz says to use a toilet paper roll to check if they are small to avoid chocking hazards. Avoid magnets with young children, if it’s swallowed it can require surgery to remove or they block intestines and for smart toys with Bluetooth, make sure you have passwords, pins so strangers cannot access them or your privacy.