Professor: Christopher Watts could be a psychopath

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GREELEY, Colo. -- Photos and videos from Shanann Watts' Facebook page paint a picture of a happy marriage.

Christopher and Shanann appear to be in love. Christopher also appears to be a doting father who adores his two little girls.

However, there appears to be a much darker side to Christopher Watts, who has admitted he killed his pregnant wife.

Kim Gorgens, a clinical professor in the graduate school of professional psychology at the University of Denver, has conducted extensive research on criminal behavior, and she believes Christopher Watts could be a psychopath.

"It's not a personality characteristic that you can pick out of a lineup. It's not like someone wears a sign that says you can't trust. In fact, it's the opposite of that," said Gorgens.

"You can't tell for sure, but I will be less than surprised to see the picture of a true psychopath emerge. Someone who is really winsome, charming and psychopathic. It's not unusual for them to evade detection," said Gorgens.

Gorgens says 5 percent to 7 percent of all people exhibit psychopathic behavior. Many, but not all, end up in prison.

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"Often times they'll never offend in an illegal capacity and they'll rise to fame in politics, or as a CEO of a business," she said.

Gorgens said murders committed by psychopaths are typically well thought out and deliberate, often committed by someone who wouldn't be suspected.

"Persons who have a psychopathic personality are granted intimate access to people because they're really good at building those relationships and mimicking emotions," Gorgens said.

Watts claims he killed his wife only after he saw her strangling one of their daughters.

It's reactionary behavior not consistent with a psychopath. However, only time will tell whether his story is what really happened.

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