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DENVER (KDVR) — Colorado Governor Jared Polis announced Tuesday that the state will adjust its COVID-19 dial framework starting Friday to avoid a Stay-at-Home order for at least fifteen counties due to rapidly increasing cases of COVID-19.

On the original COVID-19 dial, “Level Red” meant a Stay-at-Home order. “Level Red” in the new dial framework means severe risk. The newly added “Purple Level” is now the highest level in the dial framework, which is extreme risk and a Stay-at-Home.

Here’s a look at the new dial from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment:

So, what does it mean if your county is moved to a “Level Red”? Here are the rules, according to CDPHE.

Level Red:

  • High Risk Population:
    • Stay at Home
    • Eligible for worker benefits and mandatory prioritization for remote work 
  • Variances:
    • Not eligible
    • current variances reevaluated
  • Personal Gathering size:
    • none
  • Childcare:
    • open
  • P-12 schools:
    • P-5 in person suggested, or hybrid or remote as appropriate
    • Middle school in-person, hybrid,  or remote suggested
    • High school hybrid or remote suggested
  • Higher Education:
    • Remote suggested, limited in-person when necessary
  • Places of Worship & Life Rites and Indoor unseated functions:
    • 25%, 50 (with calculator)
  • Places of Worship & Life Rites Indoor seated functions:
    • 25%, 50 person cap
  • Places of Worship & Life Rites Outdoors:
    • 6ft between parties outdoors, per local zoning
  • Restaurants:
    • Indoor dining closed. Take out, curbside, delivery, or to go, outdoor/open air with only groups of own household is open
  • Last Call:
    • 8 p.m. (on premise)
  • Non-Critical Manufacturing:
    • 25%, 50
  • Offices:
    • 10%, Remote work is strongly encouraged
  • Bars:
    • Closed
  • Gyms/Fitness:
    • 10%, 10 indoors per room, or outdoors in groups less than 10. Reservations required
  • Group sports/camps:
    • Virtual, or outdoors in groups less than 10
  • Critical/Non-Critical Retail:
    • 50% with increased curbside pick up, and delivery. Dedicated senior and at-risk hours encouraged
  • Personal Services:
    • 25%, 25
  • Limited Healthcare Settings:
    • 25%, 25
  • Indoor unseated events:
    • Closed
  • Indoor seated events and entertainment:
    • Closed
  • Outdoor unseated events and entertainment:
    • 25%, 75 people (with calculator), attended only with members of your own household and 6ft spacing between groups
  • Outdoor seated events and entertainment:
    • 25%, 75 people (6ft distancing between parties), attended only with members of your own household and 6ft spacing
  • Outdoor guided services and entertainment:
    • 25%, 10