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DENVER (KDVR) — A Facebook post from a doctor working on Colorado’s eastern Plains has gone viral. It highlights concerns about a shortage in health care resources amid the coronavirus crisis.

Dr. Daniel Wandsneider’s post sparked hundreds of comments and thousands of shares.

The photo was taken by a nurse at a rural hospital where there has been a surge of coronavirus patients and concerns over how to care for all of them.

“I’ve been using the same N95 mask since last Wednesday. I’m here until Sunday, maybe longer,” Wandsneider said.

Wandsneider says the number of COVID-19 patients rose quickly.

“Supplies are starting to run a little bit on the low side and we do see — in a couple of weeks — (we) are are not going to have masks or gloves,” he said.

About 1/3 of his COVID-19 patients — some of them in their 30s — require critical care.

One patient in her 60s died.

“I went from saying, ‘She’s doing wonderful’ to the next morning saying we had to intubate her. She’s critically ill. Hadn’t quite seen anything like that before,” Wandsneider said.  

The lack of equipment like ventilators in smaller hospitals is also a concern.

While Wandsneider is committed to his patients, he’s also concerned about his family and himself.

“It think’s it’s really only a matter of time. If I come out of this and don’t get the virus, I think it’ll be a miracle,” he said.

Wandsneider is wanting to remind people that he’s seeing a lot of people in their 30s with the virus. He’s hoping people heed the stay-at-home orders.