The effects of COVID surge-on-surge expected sooner than later

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DENVER (KDVR) — There have been many questions about what a surge on top of another surge could mean for Colorado. 

A spike in numbers is expected in the early part of this week just as people head back to work after the Thanksgiving holiday.

The massive surge-on-surge expected in Colorado has people like Dr. Kurt Papenfus fighting COVID himself at Saint Joseph Hospital concerned. 

“That’s like having a tidal wave on a tidal wave on top of it. A tidal wave is bad enough. That’s like getting ganged up on. That’s not good,” Papenfus said.

Papenfus is going through his second hospital stay battling the disease. 

Despite stories like his, there are many people who don’t believe medical experts predictions; saying they and the news media are fear mongering. 

Colorado’s most recent surge peaked on Nov. 12. Since then the number of cases has dropped. 

But there’s concern, another dramatic surge will take place on top of the one we are experiencing now. 

The question is how high will the next one go, before it drops once again.

While COVID death rates have decreased in the state, some of the top doctors are worried about false perceptions from a recent slight improvement in COVID infections. 

“One of the things to note is that reporting was delayed because of the holidays. Because people were off, we’re probably going to see a huge bump in those numbers in the next day or two,” said UCHealth Infection Prevention Sr. Medical Director Michelle Barron. 

Meantime, Papenfus is hoping people who hear his story, will do their best to protect themselves and others.

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