Colorado ‘doomsday prepper’ ranch has surge in calls amid coronavirus outbreak


PIKE NATIONAL FOREST, Colo. – The coronavirus pandemic has some Coloradans looking for a secure place to go when the next crisis strikes. That’s where Fortitude Ranch comes in.

The owners describe it as a country club for doomsday preppers.

“We like being in the woods,” Fortitude Ranch CEO Drew Miller told FOX31, adding, “It’s just a nice place to come and hunt and hike and fish and have a good time.”

Calls to Fortitude Ranch have increased by about 10 percent since the pandemic began.

“We’re not running around saying, ‘I told you so, put preppers certainly feel vindicated by COVID19,'” Miller said.

The company has two Colorado locations and several more in West Virginia. They’re planning to add ranches in Wisconsin and Nevada.

The ranches are stockpiled with food, weapons and nuclear bomb-proof bunkers. It’s everything you’d need to survive long-term in a disaster or pandemic, Miller said.

For about $1,000 per year, per person, people can vacation annually at the remote, heavily-guarded ranches. That fee also buys them access to the bunkers in times of crisis. They can seek refuge at the nearest doomsday ranch.

“You’re basically coming there to have fun and vacation in good times, but if things really get bad, then we turn into a survival community and you come here to survive,” Miller said.

They’ve heard all the jokes, and they know some people see their approach as paranoia. But Miller, who earned a PhD from Harvard and spent a year as a US military intelligence officer sees it as preparation, not fear.

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