Stay-at-home haircut tips from a pro

Stay-At-Home haircuts in Colorado

Stay-At-Home haircuts in Colorado

DENVER (KDVR) — With salons and barbershops temporarily closed, plenty of people are taking matters into their own hands.

In fact, we’ve heard from many of you who are giving yourselves “stay-at-home haircuts.”

“I thought it looked so good! I thought I did such a good job!” said Catie Beauchamp, who just gave her daughter a haircut. “My husband came in and said, “You just gave her a mullet!'”

Beauchamp and her family live in Ault, Colorado. Fortunately, her daughter Marley isn’t even 2 years old.

“Everyone keeps sending me memes of the ‘Tiger King!'” Beauchamp said.

Some of the haircut photos we received from Coloradans were good, while others looked more like Marley’s.

“If you’re starting to go down a slippery slope, just put down the scissors and call for help,” said Caitlin McConaughy.

McConaughy has been a stylist for about 12 years. She owns Cat Mac Hair Studio in Centennial.

While she prefers people just wait for salons and barbershops to reopen, she did share some helpful tips with the FOX31 Problem Solvers for those of you who are desperate.

“I think a clipper with a guard is really easy and you can’t mess it up too much, but scissors are always going to be a bad idea,” McConaughy said. “The big thing with boys’ haircuts in general is you never really want to curve the head. So you always want to pretend it’s a box and go straight up and down.”

Boys’ cuts can be pretty simple, but when it comes to girls – McConaughy suggests you hold off until a professional is available.

“I always say a good haircut grows out in two weeks, a bad haircut grows out in 2 years,” she warned. “So you’ve just got to be careful because it’s going to be your haircut long after quarantine too!”

McConaughy also said there are plenty of great YouTube tutorials out there. She recommended this one and this one.

If you end up messing up your cut, your two best options at that point are: buzz it off completely or wear a hat until it grows back.

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