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DENVER (KDVR) — With COVID-19 cases continuing to rise in Denver and the city’s new ‘Home by 10’ order in effect, more Coloradans are finding themselves working from home more frequently.

Working remotely is something many of us thought we had down by now. But experts tell the Problem Solvers that’s simply not the case.

When it comes to how many Coloradans currently working from home use their company-issued laptops or phones for personal use, Denver-based cyber security firm CP Cyber says it’s likely a large number.

“The guess is probably 80-90%,” said Donald McLaughlin.

McLaughlin is a lead consultant with CP Cyber and helps educate remote employees on best practices while working from home.

The practices include: Always assume your company can see anything you’re browsing on a work issued device.

“When you do personal things on it, you’re increasing the risk. You’re increasing the exposure by logging into different services, different applications. And that’s a bigger footprint on the internet,” McLaughlin said.

Experts also suggest not allowing a friend or family member to use your company issued computer or phone.

“The biggest thing we see: computers are misused or compromised because employees will share their work computer with their family members or friends,” McLaughlin said.

Allowing others to use your work devices can compromise the technology and potentially your job.

“Those family members, they didn’t sign the ‘acceptable use’ policy. They didn’t do the corporate training for cyber security awareness. So it introduces the biggest risk in our opinion,” McLaughlin said.

Best advice: use your work gear for work only and don’t allow anyone else to use it.