Some COVID patients turning to supplements


DENVER (KDVR) — With thousands of Coloradans now at home fighting COVID 19, some are turning to supplements hoping to boost their immunity.

Peri Heft is one of them. The certified nutritionist and wellness coach from Denver was diagnosed with COVID earlier in the month, and said she immediately started increasing her doses of vitamin D, vitamin C and zinc.

“When I was immediately diagnosed with COVID, my brain went straight to, ‘Ok, what can I do naturally to help boost my immune system?'” Heft said.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, recent research shows higher rates of COVID infections and death in areas where people have lower levels of vitamin D in their system. The clinic says a number of clinical trials are underway to determine if vitamin D, vitamin C or zinc could help prevent or treat COVID, but there is no conclusive evidence yet.

Heft says there are a lot of variables, but she believes the supplements helped her. She had a mild case that felt like a cold.

“There’s no way to tell if these supplements are what helped keep my symptoms mild,” she said. “But I truly believe that if you are taking supplements, it’s only going to help your body.”

Heft says she also took magnesium and melatonin before bed.

“Melatonin is great to take for getting a better night’s rest, especially when you are in discomfort from COVID symptoms,” she said.

But the best way to take care of yourself, she says, is to consistently lead a healthy lifestyle.

“Drink your water, get your sleep, eat nutritiously. Otherwise, you will pay for that later,” Heft said.

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