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DENVER (KDVR) — As shoppers take on Black Friday deals, masks are mandatory in many of the malls and shops in the metro area.

Signs in and around Cherry Creek Shopping Center ask people to do their part and comply with the latest mask mandate.

“We do ask them to put it on, but beyond that, we don’t really push the issue a whole lot,” Cherry Creek Shopping Center General Manager Jeramy Burkinshaw said. “We’re not into a heavy-handed approach for the ordinance. Per the ordinance, It’s up to the individual businesses to comply with that and most of our guests are complying.”

At Trunk Nouveau Stanley Marketplace, owner Stephanie Shearer is using a quirky sign to ask shoppers to comply with the order.

“There’s been a little pushback, I’m going to be honest. We just hung a sign that says masks are required per the mandate, don’t make it weird,” Shearer said. 

For those uncomfortable wearing a mask inside, Shearer said she is trying her best to accommodate everyone and keep her small business afloat during the kickoff of the holiday shopping season.

“We do require masks but we do online shopping, we’ll do private shopping after and before and we’ll do curbside and local delivery,” Shearer said. 

Stanley Marketplace is hoping shoppers will come out for Small Business Saturday.