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DENVER (KDVR) — As doctors prepare for more flu and COVID-19 cases, they tell us a new at-home COVID and flu test will be available.

Labcorp just received emergency use authorization for the combo collection kit.

Dr. Scott Joy, the chief medical officer of HealthONE Physician Services Group, said this could really help people who do not want to go to a facility to get tested. They can start with a tele-visit and go from there.

“This year you are going to be able to do everything virtually: do your testing at home, have us electronically send a prescription to the pharmacy, and the pharmacist can deliver it to your house,” Joy said.

The key will be to act quickly once symptoms set in, because the test has to be sent to your house, and then you have to send it back, and that can take some time.

Other at-home COVID tests that you can buy in the pharmacy can give rapid results at home, but they don’t test for the flu. Symptoms can be similar.

What you need at home for virtual doctor visits

It’s important to call your provider for advice as soon as you notice symptoms.

“The first 48 hours are critical,” Joy said.

He also wants patients to be prepared at home in case they get an upper respiratory infection this season.

He said it’s important to have a pulse oximeter to test your oxygen level and a working thermometer for your temperature. That information will be very important to doctors who try to determine your next steps.