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DENVER (KDVR) — Gov. Jared Polis shared some optimistic news Monday regarding the number of COVID-19 cases in Colorado.

“Because we are staying at home — like a lot of other states — we are seeing a leveling off of people admitted to hospitals, we hope of deaths,” Polis said.

“We still have difficult days ahead and the more of a leveling off we see, the greater degree of confidence there will be and the more ambitious the timetable will be to reintegrate our ability to move around and engage in economic activity,” Polis added.

Polis also hinted that hospital capacity is improving.

“We are doing fine in regard to hospital capacity,” Polis said.

He said the number of non-COVID-19 patients is down.

“Obviously, with the stay-at-home order, there is less car crashes and less contagion of the flu,” Polis said.