Parker dad goes viral again with father-son charity dance off


PARKER, Colo. (KDVR) — Colorado’s dancing dad is at it again!

In March, FOX31 interviewed Parker father Chris Starkey after he and his daughter went viral with a quarantine dance challenge video.

After that first video hit 12 million views, the dancing dad decided to up the stakes with a new challenge, one with a reward for frontline heroes.

“Six feet apart, let’s do this,” Starkey said in the video. “You’re going down!”

Starkey and his son Sage both have the moves. Sage is a professional dancer with Disney.

“I guess, you know, following in my footsteps,” Starkey said.

Before starting Imprint Event Group, Starkey also professionally performed. He danced and sang in New York and at Disney World.

Starkey and his son decided to ask viewers to vote on who can bust a move better in the new challenge. If Starkey wins, Sage said he would donate 50 meals to Denver health care workers. If Sage wins, Starkey will donate to Orlando health care heroes.

“Now the thing is, my son has just been furloughed at Disney,” Starkey said. “So in reality, I’ll be donating either way.”

Starkey has already donated 50 meals to local hospitals for the last three weeks.

“Last week was Swedish Medical Center, the week before that was Aurora,” he said.

Starkey has also donated 42 iPads to local intensive care units so coronavirus patients can connect with their loved ones.

“Many times we have heard stories that this has been the last correspondence with some of their families, unfortunately, with the iPads we donated before the patient has passed away,” Starkey said.Starkey collected many of those iPads in the community using traction from the millions of viewers on his dance videos to drum up support.

FOX31 asked the donating dancing dad what he wants others to take away from his actions during this pandemic.

“I think people need to get the vibe of taking care of each other and also create a little positive mojo by getting off their butts and celebrating life,” Starkey said, adding, “We’re still all alive. I have a roof over my head. I have food in my cabinets. We’re still making it happen even though I don’t have any business coming in for the next few months. We’re still going to make it happen.”

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