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EAGLE COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) — Eagle County was one of the first Colorado mountain communities to experience a wave of omicron cases right before the Christmas holiday. But now with two weeks of declining cases and the county allowing its indoor mask mandate to expire next week, is it a sign of what’s to come for the rest of the state?

Local data shows Eagle County may be on the other side of an omicron case surge, with cases peaking on Dec. 28. The county experienced case increases between 165% and 355% in the weeks beginning with Dec. 12 and Dec. 19, respectively. The trend almost exactly lines up with the highest visitor demand weeks in the county.

Courtesy: Eagle County

“We continue to expect declines in our case reports,” Eagle County Public Health and Environment Director Heath Harmon said during a public meeting Thursday. “While things are moving very well for us in Eagle County, the rest of the state seems to be about three weeks behind us.”

Summit County case data tells a similar story. Single-day cases peaked on Christmas Day, Dec. 25, with 267, but they have seen a steady decline since the start of the new year. Positivity rates in Summit County remain high at 34%, with positivity rates in Eagle County above 36%.

Courtesy: Summit County

Data out of Pitkin County isn’t tracking with Summit and Eagle Counties just yet, but there are signs of promise that daily cases could soon dip.

The daily cumulative 7-day count shows the numbers have plateaued since Dec. 26. The data does not go beyond Jan. 8, so cases could very well be down for this week.

Courtesy: Pitkin County

Across the world, countries like South Africa that saw the first wave of omicron saw cases decline at the same rate as they initially grew. If Harmon’s assessment is correct, that the rest of Colorado is roughly three weeks behind these mountain communities, then the state could see the end of this omicron wave by mid-February.