DENVER (KDVR) — Colorado is turning a corner on omicron. State health officials said Thursday they are cautiously optimistic better days are ahead. The state is seeing a downward trend in omicron cases and a plateau in hospitalizations.

“Feeling cautiously optimistic that we have turned the corner with our omicron surge,” state epidemiologist Dr. Rachel Herlihy said.

Dr. Jaya Kumar, chief medical officer at Swedish Medical Center, echoed Herlihy’s remarks.

“Although we’re still high, the numbers are steady over the past few days … and that tells me that we’re hitting a plateau, and we should start trending down pretty soon,” Kumar said.

While omicron may have peaked, Kumar warns that we saw a downward trend with delta when omicron came in hard and fast. So we have to be ready for what’s next.

“It has been a rollercoaster for healthcare professionals,” Kumar said.

Being ready means having access to masks and tests. The federal and state government have been working to send out both, but it hasn’t been a fast process.

“It’s been difficult,” said Karen, a Denver resident and mother.

Karen had trouble finding a test for her young daughter who was exposed at daycare.

“I had a tough time,” she said. “I finally texted all my neighbors, and fortunately, one of them had a test. I feel like we could’ve gotten toilet paper easier during lockdown than getting a test right now.”

The state health department said hospitalizations have been flat for about a week now– a lagging indicator compared to case rates that continue to fall.

“We have now started to see a rapid decline in cases here in Colorado,” Herlihy said.

The state said more than 270 Colorado locations have opted in for free mask distribution.