More Coloradans are contacting poison control centers after using ivermectin


DENVER (KDVR) – Despite all the warnings from the medical community not to use the horse drug ivermectin to treat COVID, the Rocky Mountain Poison and Drug Safety Center says it is seeing a high number of cases of people who used the drug and had alarming results.

People need a prescription to get the human version of the drug, but feed supply stores sell the version that is made for animals.

The drug is used to treat parasites in horses and is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration to treat COVID.

But doctors say Coloradans are not listening to the warnings.

“An overdose can cause some pretty nasty effects on the brain and nerves,” said Dr. Eric Lavonas at the Rocky Mountain Poison and Drug Safety Center.

“It’s really hard for people getting the veterinary formulation to measure out a correct human dose. Plus, it’s just not designed for people to take,” Lavonas said.

“In Colorado this year we’ve had 14 cases of people exposed to ivermectin in a dangerous way. Nine of those were people treating themselves for COVID. We’ve had people with hallucinations, people with tremors,” Lavonas said.

He wants people to know there is not solid evidence that ivermectin helps with COVID.

“Most studies show it doesn’t help at all. The studies that did, look really flawed,” he said.

There are clinical trials underway, but his advice is, “Get vaccinated and don’t use animal medications on people.”

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