Medical Center of Aurora develops ‘Corona Curtain’ to protect medical staff during high-risk procedures


AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) — Doctors at the Medical Center of Aurora have developed something they are calling the “Corona Curtain.”

It’s a tent made from items you can buy at a hardware store for a few dollars. Those include copper stands, plumping tubes and plastic sheeting.

When a patient in the emergency department needs to be intubated, the Corona Curtain can be set up over them quickly. It helps contain viral particles that are released during the procedure.

“One of the highest-risk things we do in medicine right now is managing airways on patients who have COVID-19,” said Dr. Eric Hill, the Chair of Emergency Services with the Medical Center of Aurora.

He says providers from across the country are sharing their ideas on how to handle this. Some use plexiglass cases, but those can be restrictive and need certain materials. He says the Corona Curtain allows plenty of access to the patient on all sides, and can be made easily.

“This is just one idea out of many, but it certainly is a very feasible idea, it’s very simple idea, it’s something that is readily available,” he said.

Hill says rural hospitals or hospitals in other countries could easily build these tents on their own for just a few dollars each. Then, when the procedure is over, the plastic sheeting can be disposed of, and the rest can be sterilized for another use.

“With such a simple, innovative and cost effective technique, it’s almost a no-brainer that this should be disseminated to other hospitals, and possibly even other countries,” said Dr. Phil Stahel, the Chief Medical Officer of the Medical Center of Aurora.

An article about the Corona Curtain was published in a medical journal on Wednesday. The World Health Organization will also make the information available for hospitals around the world.

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