Last minute Thanksgiving grocery shopping COVID-19 safety tips for Coloradans


DENVER (KDVR) — With COVID-19 cases on the rise here in Colorado, many have been wondering whether their last minute trips to the grocery store during the Thanksgiving rush will put them at a great risk of contracting the disease.

While there’s always a possibility, health officials in Denver say if you follow some simple steps, you’re less likely to run into a problem.

For starters, when it comes to the food or supplies you need to pick up, professionals here in Denver say it’s best to ‘know before you go’; as in make sure you have a list prepared so you don’t have to spend any extra time in the store.

“Have a list and keep your trip short. So try to keep it to one trip instead of having to make multiple trips to have to go back to the store,” said Dr. Larissa Pisney, Medical Director for Infection Control at UCHealth.

If you’re heading to any of Colorado’s grocery stores before Thanksgiving, experts say you should aim for going during off-peak hours.

“Go now when the stores are less busy. In general, Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving is really busy and you want to be able to socially distance while you’re there in the store,” Dr. Pisney said.

Even without a pandemic, shopping carts are considered to be jam-packed with germs, so wipe them down when you can.

With 1 in every 41 Coloradans currently contagious with COVID, health professionals say it’s best to leave your kids at home while you go grocery shopping, if that option exists for you.

“As a mom with an eight year old and a two year old – taking your kids to the grocery store can certainly make your trip to the store longer. They’re also going to have a more difficult time keeping their masks on, as well as not touching their hands and face which is important during this time,” Dr. Pisney said.

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