DENVER (KDVR) — Over the course of the pandemic, scientists have discovered numerous ways to test and detect COVID across the country. As strange as it may seem, testing wastewater has been a big indicator of where the omicron variant has spread.

On Wednesday, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment added an omicron wastewater table to their website, indicating which counties have found omicron present in their wastewater.

Wastewater testing can give health officials early warnings about changes in COVID case counts, according to CDPHE.

The samples utilize water from houses and buildings, which includes feces, from across that county. Laboratories will then analyze the sample for the genetic material of COVID and the markings of the variants.

According to CDPHE, omicron detection has rapidly increased and has been found in all of the participating wastewater facilities.

Most recently on Wednesday, Larimer County confirmed the detection of omicron in multiple wastewater facilities throughout the county.

CDPHE said there is likely a widespread transmission of omicron and urged all Coloradans experiencing symptoms to get tested immediately and isolate.