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DENVER (KDVR) — Gov. Jared Polis announced the state has acquired 2 million more Abbott BinaxNOW rapid tests for COVID-19, as part of Colorado’s rapid at-home testing program.

It’s part of Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s growing program to deliver COVID-19 tests to parents or guardians to test school-aged children at home.

“You can sign up to receive eight free tests, which should arrive within 4-6 days. We also have a small backlog of people who requested tests when there weren’t any. They will be getting them automatically,” Polis said. “We’re very excited we will be able to take hundreds and thousands of new signups for this for frontline essential workers, for parents who want to test their children at home.”

With only two million tests on tap, we asked the governor would that be enough given the amount of spread in the community. He says while there are plenty testing supplies for kids in schools, the state will watch and see how the at home program goes.

“If we go through these tests in three, four, five weeks, we will absolutely look into seeing how we can continue the at-home BinaxNOW program,” Polis said. “Right now, I’m just excited to get demand going because I know if the tests are in the field, being used, people are getting results back, isolated earlier, spreading the virus less, it will save lives and help end the pandemic in Colorado.”

The governor said 80% of state workers received at least one vaccine dose. Those opting not to get it will need to be tested however their employer chooses.

“That is being handled by each department in terms of how and where they do that at the state,” Polis clarified.

The governor made the announcement and was joined by CDPHE State Epidemiologist Dr. Rachel Herlihy. Cases and hospitalizations are beginning to dip in Colorado, but Herlihy is unsure if that trend will continue, or if the numbers will plateau.

This comes as every Colorado county is now considered an area of high community transmission, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Under these guidelines, the CDC recommends everyone indoors wears a mask, regardless of vaccination status.

You can watch the governor’s briefing on FOX31 NOW in the player above.