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WINDSOR, Colo. (KDVR) — A group of bandits is targeting a northern Colorado community in the sweetest way possible.

They call themselves, “The Crumbl Cookie Bandits” and their mission is to make you smile with – you guessed it – cookies!

“It’s brought a lot of happiness,” said one of the bandits.

The bandits asked us to keep their identities hidden. If you run into one of them, don’t worry. They only plan to give you a sweet treat.

“To just see people’s faces light up when they open their doors. It’s one of the most whole-hearted things I’ve ever been a part of,” another bandit said.

The bandits started leaving boxes of their favorite cookies at the doorsteps of homes in the Windshire community in Windsor.

Their favorite cookies come from Crumbl Cookies in Fort Collins.

“We contacted the owners [of Crumbl Cookies] and said, ‘I’m so sorry if people are thinking this is you – we’re doing this just to bring joy to our neighborhood in this pandemic time.’ And the owners were like, ‘No, this is great! We want to help!'”

And so they did. Crumbl Cookies started donating some of its cookies to help with the cause. Neighbors in the Windshire community started donating to the cause too.

“One night we did 24 boxes of four [cookies] and then 10 single [cookies] and then another night we did 27 boxes of four and 10 singles,” one bandit said.

Neighbors have been posting about their surprise packages from the bandits on the Windshire neighborhood Facebook page.

“People have posted this has changed their day and they had a really rough day. It changed their entire day. The Facebook feed has been unbelievable,” one of the bandits explained.