8 Denver bakeries participating in bake sale to support charities combating racism

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DENVER (KDVR) — A Denver bakery owner taking inspiration from a national bake sale event to fight racism is localizing it with the help of other bakeries.

Zach Martinucci owns and operates Rebel Bread bakery near downtown Denver.

“We try to make things that are just different enough. You recognize this as bread but maybe they are a little different than what you’ve seen before,” said Martinucci.

Watching recent events unfolding across the country left an impression on him.

“I think it was shock, yeah,” said Martinucci.

He wanted to turn that shock into something useful; he wanted to help but didn’t know what to do at first.

He decided to do something he is good at and knows well: baking.

“In that process in figuring out how I might want to be involved, we saw this opportunity to be a part of Bakers Against Racism,” he said.

Created by three bakers in Washington, D.C., participating bakers from around the world are offering a single week of bake sales to benefit charities that combat racism.

In Denver, eight bakeries are participating. Each will decide how much of their proceeds will be donated.

“It’s a classic American bake sale — lots of cookies and cupcakes and cinnamon rolls — but all are done with a really gourmet twist,” said Martinucci.

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