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LITTLETON, Colo. (KDVR) — Coronavirus momentarily shut down elective surgeries, making some health care workers worry about losing their jobs. One team of doctors at Littleton Adventist Hospital stepped up to ensure their team could stay together during the pandemic.

Neurosurgeons Dr. J. Adair Prall and Dr. David VanSickle of Neurosurgery One chose to forgo part of their salaries for the last several months so that their employees can keep their jobs.

The physician assistants and nurse practitioners want Prall and VanSickle to know how much this sacrifice means to them.

“More than anything, I just want to tell them thank you and that I appreciate them during this time,” said Cate McGraw, a nurse practitioner at Neurosurgery One.

The employees at Neurosurgery One also want clients to know that it is safe for them to get elective surgeries done and to not put off concerns because of the coronavirus.