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FORT COLLINS, Colo. (KDVR) — A woman in Fort Collins is working to offer an alternative face covering for people with certain medical conditions.

“I searched all over the internet trying to find the ones that are most suitable and most comfortable for the most amount of people with breathing problems, with oxygen tube and claustrophobia,” said Lori Lessley.

Lessley combined patterns to create a design that is not as form-fitting as traditional masks. She says this has made breathing easier for several people to whom she has donated masks.

“If I can provide something that is an alternative and is more comfortable and more breathable, it will allow them to go places without being scorned or looked down on,” said Lessley.

People with certain medical conditions are exempt from the statewide mask mandate. In a statement, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment says a design like Lessley’s is an acceptable face covering.

“The best mask for you is one you can wear comfortably and consistently. Any mask or face-covering that covers the nose and mouth will work. We continue to encourage you to use cloth face coverings to preserve medical mask supplies for health care and other essential workers,” the CDPHE said.

Lessley says she is unable to produce large quantities of her homemade face coverings, but plans to reach out to local nursing homes that may need them.