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ERIE, Colo. (KDVR) — An Erie high school student who delivered more than 13,000 COVID-19 test kits to Coloradans invented a new system to keep up with the high demand for his help.

FOX31 first introduced the community to 16-year-old Kenner Galdamez-Sosa a few months ago when he launched his free delivery service Bumble Basket. Now, multimedia journalist Nicole Fierro got a look at the new COVID-19 test automated locker distribution center he created at the Lafayette library.

“It was countless hours of programming, headaches, it took a long time, but it is a pretty cool project,” Galdamez-Sosa said. “It makes me feel good knowing I’m making a change in the community and helping avert many new cases of COVID-19.”

After serving more than 1,000 families across the state with kits at their doors, Galdamez-Sosa saw a massive increase in need for free, accessible testing kits in his community. 

“Any given day I would get around 100 to 150 different orders for delivery, it was way too hectic,” Galdamez-Sosa said. 

Word of his service, Bumble Basket, recently reached the kit manufacturing company Abbott. Galdamez-Sosa says the company gave him $10,000 to fund his next step in serving the community. 

“People will go on the tablet at the lockers, they select their first name, last name household members and it will tell them how many sets of kits to get,” Galdamez-Sosa said. 

“This is just great example of a practical application of the cool work kids are doing these days, we are so impressed,” City of Lafayette Library Director Melissa Hisel said. 

Galdamez-Sosa says the Lafayette library is just the first locker service. He plans to work cities around the state to install five more. 

You can see how many kits he has in stock or place an order at