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Denver (KDVR) — Doctors say they feel cautiously optimistic after new COVID models released Wednesday predict COVID numbers will slowly and steadily decline until March.

The new models, released by the COVID-19 Scenerio Modeling Hub, showed four different scenarios that vary depending on whether we see a new variant or whether younger kids get vaccinated.

Dr. Andrew Weinfeld, the chief medical officer at Rose Medical Center in Denver, said the HealthONE models for the Denver area hospitals show similar predictions.

Weinfeld said it appears those HealthONE facilities may have hit their peak within the last two weeks, and the numbers are showing a slow decline.

Many have feared that with the colder weather, we would see more people gather inside and an increase in cases and hospitalizations. These models do not show that.

But doctors warn that all of this could change if a new variant emerges. They say this is not a free pass to stop precautions. The delta variant is still highly contagious.