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DENVER (KDVR) — Mayor Michael Hancock has issued a stay-at-home order for the city and county of Denver. The public health order goes into effect 5 p.m. Tuesday and runs through Friday, April 10.

List: What’s open and what’s closed

Document: Read the full order

“This is not a recommendation anymore, people need to stay at home,” Hancock said. “If you’re sick, stay home. If you’re not sick, you need to stay at home too.”

Grocery stores, obtaining medication and exercise with social distancing were among the exclusions in the order.

Liquor stores and recreational marijuana stores were initially ordered to close. However, about 5 p.m. Monday, the city issued a revised order that will allow those businesses to stay open with “extreme physical distancing in place.”

Additionally, all construction operations and projects will be exempt.

City and county parks will remain open with park rangers enforcing the stay-at-home order of non-essential activities but playgrounds will be closed. Outdoor exercise is allowed with proper distancing.

Police will enforce when and where necessary involving public discourse and following normal law. Business inspectors will enforce and shut down any businesses that remain open and do not fall under the exemptions.

“It’s not about that area of enforcement unless you absolutely are deciding to defy the order that is in place without any particular reason,” Hancock said. “We want to inform, we want to discourage and then we’ll enforce as necessary.”

“The goal is to get voluntary compliance first and then we’ll step up from there.”

Restaurant delivery and takeout services will remain available. Liquor stores cannot deliver, according to the order.