Denver becomes popular moving destination during pandemic

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DENVER (KDVR) — Moving to a new city during the pandemic can be tough. Moving to a new city during a global pandemic can be even more challenging.

That didn’t stop plenty of people from packing up and moving to the Mile High City in the past year.

“Coming out, the first thing I noticed when leaving the airport was the air,” said Manny Mendez from Lancaster, Pa. “I’m a huge runner and it was just eye opening to me to just taste something so clean.”

Mendez came to Denver a month ago to connect with an old friend with a job opportunity.

“What was supposed to be a week-long trial of me working turned into a week-long vacation,” said Mendez. “My friend said you should experience Denver and see what it’s all about, and a week is all it took.”

Mendez flew home, packed up with car, and started the drive to Denver leaving Lancaster in the rear view. Mendez now works as the property manager for KushKations.

“It’s not as much pressure over here. There are a lot of minorities over here, and being a minority, it feels really good to see people like you in the community,” said Mendez. “Even people that don’t look like me accept me with a smile and greeting.”

Mendez wasn’t afraid to make a drastic life change during the pandemic.

“That actually helped me do it more. I come from the restaurant industry, and I knew it was going to go downhill, especially on the east coast,” said Mendez. “I knew I have to make a pivot.”

For Holly Horkavi, a 23-year-old Illinois native, moving to Denver was on her bucket list. The pandemic gave her the perfect opportunity.

“Honestly, I don’t know if I would have moved if it wasn’t a pandemic because I wouldn’t be working remote,” said Horkavi.

Working from home, Horkavi got to keep the same job she got out of college and continue her roles with the company from a brand-new city.

“It seems like a good atmosphere. Obviously there’s still COVID-19 restrictions but I’m looking forward to when it’s all in the past,” said Horkavi.

People had already been flocking to Colorado, and that didn’t stop with COVID-19. In the last year, so many people moved to Colorado that the number of single-family home listings dropped 75%, which helped force the median single family home sales price up by 24%.

According to Bloomberg Wealth, Denver was the eighth most popular metro destination in the country during the pandemic.

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