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DENVER (KDVR) — On Monday, CVS pharmacy staff is scheduled to begin on-site COVID-19 vaccinations at skilled nursing facilities across Colorado.

“Each state opts in at a different time,” Dani Ottoson, CVS District Leader, said. “Colorado specifically opted in for nursing facilities on Dec. 28.”

There are approximately 114 skilled nursing facilities in Colorado, officials say. It is expected to take three weeks to get through the first round of Pfizer doses.

“Depending on the type of facility, we’ll be going room to room to vaccinate, or they’ll be bringing out people to common areas,” Ottoson said.

The first week of January, CVS pharmacy staff will begin on-site vaccinations at assisted living communities, leaders say. 

Vaccinations at skilled nursing facilities and assisted living facilities are expected to help protect more than 58,000 patients, in addition to employees and health care workers. A total of 382 will receive the Pfizer vaccine, leaders say.