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CRESTED BUTTE, Colo. (KDVR) — Lisa Merck’s test results came back positive for the novel coronavirus on March 11.

On her eighth day of quarantine, the Crested Butte woman is following up with FOX31 for a second time to answer viewers’ questions and provide an update on her conditions.

“Every day is better and better and I’m getting healthier everyday,” Merck said.

On Monday, Merck got the energy to go outside and take a lap around the house with her husband who is also required to quarantine with her.

“Right now, my symptoms are that I’m feeling nauseous, shortness of breath and tired, just really tired. But I’m doing really well,” she said.

Merck is also a little worried because in about seven days, she’ll be able to get out of isolation and reenter the community.

“You don’t know if you are still a carrier, how long you will be a carrier and if you could still be reinfected. That’s the scary part.”

FOX31 asked the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment about Merck’s concerns and are still waiting for a response.

In the meantime, we took viewers’ questions to the coronavirus patient.

Kyle asked if Lisa has been contacted by health organizations since her positive test to follow up on her at home quarantine.

“That’s a good question because originally, it was a 14-day isolation,” Merck said.

After 14 days, Merck was supposed to take two negative coronavirus screenings 24 hours apart before going back in public, but that requirement recently changed.

“They just called me and said, ‘We have new guidelines, and these are the new guidelines — it’s a 10-day isolation now and you don’t need to be retested.’ And that was our local health department,” Merck said.

FOX31 asked CDPHE about these new guidelines as well but have not yet heard back.

Merck also says no one is policing her home to stay away from the public but she’s willingly abiding by her quarantine guidelines to protect the community.

FOX31 Facebook viewer Robert and about a dozen others asked about the toilet paper panic and if it’s necessary.

“I didn’t need any toilet paper — I don’t know what the toilet paper is coming from,” Merck said. “Don’t go out and buy all the toilet paper so people don’t have any.”

Merck says she’s used Vitamin C and Zinc but no more toilet paper than the average healthy person.

“One of the biggest take-homes is if you don’t feel good, go home and isolate,” Merck said. “Just protect our vulnerable population and your friends and family because it’s likely that someone in your friends and family will probably end up getting it.”